The art of folding
By Opalyn Mok - August 10, 2012; The Malaysian Insider

GEORGE TOWN, Aug 10 ― For Cherly Loh, origami is not only about folding paper cranes. She took the initiative to train under a Japanese origami master when she lived in Japan and became an origami artist certified by the Japanese Origami Association.

Loh picked up this interest in origami back in 2007. During her free time at her home in Japan, she would fold many different types of objects. But instead of folding them for decoration, she made them smaller and turned them into jewellery pieces. That is how her Unigami line of earrings was born.

Her delicate earrings of colourful origami shoes, cranes, flowers and purses are unique art pieces that are carefully handcrafted. No two pairs of earrings are exactly the same as she uses different patterned Washi paper for each pair. Each piece is then coated for durability to make it moisture-proof so that it would not tear easily before being fashioned into earrings.

“I had to commute two hours to and fro each day to the origami master’s place to learn the full art of origami but it was worth it as I simply love creating these pretty art pieces that women can wear,” she said.
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